Whether you’re running a business, taking care of your own tax, or are experiencing some curveballs life has thrown your way, it can be hard to handle things on your own. That’s why having an accountant and lawyer you know you can call can make all the difference! 

There are many accountants in Moonee Ponds and lawyers in Moonee Ponds, all with their own areas of interest, so you’ll always find one that suits your needs. With business law, tax requirements, and family law all being such complex areas, it can be helpful to know where to go when you need specific help and advice.

1. MTK Accountants Moonee Ponds   

MTK Accountants, at 707 Mt. Alexander Road, is the local go-to for your accounting and business needs. They’re a boutique firm dedicated to delivering the best possible advice, and they do so thanks to their years of experience and fountain of knowledge. Committed to customer service and their focus on their client’s best interests, this CPA team would love to help you with your future financial goals.

2. MKA Accountants Moonee Ponds  

MKA Accountants are located at 22 Holmes Road, where they devote themselves to helping individuals and small to medium-sized businesses make the most of their money. Offering a full range of accounting services, including tax compliance information, succession planning, bookkeeping, and more, they can help you implement strategies aimed towards achieving positive results for your business.

3. Hotchkin Hughes Accountants And Business Advisors  

 Located at 27 Norwood Crescent, Hotchkin Hughes is an accounting and business advisory firm offering a large range of services. From audit and assurance and bookkeeping to SMSF administration and advisory and wealth creation and management, they can handle it all. With an understanding that no two situations are alike, they deliver a personalised approach for every client and work to navigate any problem, no matter how big or small.

4. Haddington Accountants PTY LTD  

Haddington Accountants are at 12 Pascoe Vale Road and offer a variety of taxation and business services designed to help you keep accurate financial records. This can be a pain point for many people, so having the team at Haddington Accountants on hand can easily take a load off your mind and help you focus on your most pressing concerns.

5. Cursio & Co Chartered Accountants  

The team at Cursio & Co are registered Chartered accountants at 26 Young Street. Whatever your business, field, or profession, they can take care of you with accounting, taxation, and business services, as well as with audit and assurance. Cursio & Co pride themselves on their glowing referrals, which have helped them serve countless Moonee Ponds locals over the years.

6. AIZ Public Accountants Moonee Ponds  

AIZ Public Accountants take the time to know your business, create a tailored plan, and help you every step of the way. When you visit them at 335 Ascot Vale Road, you’ll know you’ve taken the first step on the road to success! Between corporate accounting, tax structures, and SMSF taxation and auditing, they help everybody from start-up founders and sole traders through to contractors and partnerships.

7. MKS Group  

 No matter the size of your business, MKS Group, at suite 202A, level 2/23 Hall St, will be happy to work with you. As a Xero platinum partner— in the top 2% of Zero partners in Australia— they leverage their 35+ years of experience to help you get the most out of Zero and your business as a whole. Here they believe that everybody has a voice, so they lean on their collaboration to create the best output for their clients. 

8. Jafer Lawyers 

Jafer Lawyers, at 56 Pascoe Vale Road, have been providing honest and reliable legal advice to Moonee Ponds locals and beyond for over 30 years. With a variety of services, including experience in property law, family law, wills and estates, and criminal law, they provide much-needed services to people all across Victoria.

9. Berrill & Watson Superannuation & Insurance Lawyers Moonee Ponds  

At 650 Mt. Alexander Road, you’ll find Berrill & Watson Superannuation and Insurance Lawyers. They offer knowledge and experience in many areas that other firms don’t, such as in superannuation and insurance, and have been doing so for over 15 years. They’ve also run some of the leading cases in Australia, so you can trust you’re in good hands.

10. Ferraro Pruscino & Co Solicitors  

 Situated at 11 Hall Street, Ferraro Pruscino & Co Solicitors are a Moonee Ponds firm with a team of experienced lawyers ready to discuss your case. Offering a full range of legal services, whatever it is you need, get in contact with them today.

11. Aloe & Co  

Aloe & Co is a small but mighty law firm located at 12 Pascoe Vale Road. Their team of lawyers and solicitors have endless advice for a range of legal matters ranging from administrative and constitutional law to property and planning and wills, probates, and estates. Whatever it is you’re dealing with, they’re dedicated to helping you through it.

How To Choose An Accountant Or Lawyer That’s Right For You

Choosing the right accountant or lawyer can be a daunting task, but it’s important to find someone who is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and has your best interests in mind. Here are some steps you can take to choose an accountant or lawyer that’s right for you:

  • Determine your needs: The first step in choosing an accountant or lawyer is to determine what services you need. Do you need someone to help you file your taxes, prepare financial statements, or provide legal advice for your business? Knowing what services you require will help you narrow down your options. 
  • Research potential candidates: Once you have a clear idea of what services you need, start researching potential candidates. Make sure to read reviews and check their qualifications and credentials. Online reviews are a great way to analyse which professional is the right fit for your personal or business needs. 
  • Check for experience: When choosing an accountant or lawyer, it’s important to find someone with experience in your specific field. Look for professionals who have worked with clients similar to you and have a track record of success.
  • Consider communication style: Communication is key when working with an accountant or lawyer. Find someone who communicates in a way that works for you, whether it’s via email, phone, or in-person meetings. Make sure they are responsive and available to answer your questions.
  • Evaluate fees: Before choosing an accountant or lawyer, make sure to understand their fee structure. Ask about their billing rates, any additional fees, and how they handle billing disputes. Choose someone who is transparent about their fees and provides you with a clear understanding of what you can expect to pay.
  • Schedule a consultation: Finally, schedule a consultation with potential candidates. This is a great opportunity to ask questions, get a feel for their communication style, and determine if they are the right fit for you. Be sure to discuss your needs and expectations, and ask about their approach to solving problems and handling challenges.

Choosing an accountant or lawyer is an important decision that can have a significant impact on your financial and legal well-being. By following these steps and taking the time to find the right professional, you can ensure that you have the support you need to succeed. With so many trusted and experienced accountants and lawyers right here in Moonee Ponds, we’re confident you’ll find your ideal provider in no time! 

Found Your Next Accountant Or Lawyer In Moonee Ponds?

If you’ve been searching for reliable and trustworthy local accountants and lawyers in Moonee Ponds, you certainly came to the right place! Among these 11 professionals, you’re sure to find the right match for you who has a proven track record in helping individuals and businesses just like you and yours. See one you like? Get in touch with them today!


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