Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’re treating a loved one, restaurants in Moonee Ponds have every aspect covered. From softly lit corners exuding cosiness to elegant establishments boasting culinary mastery, you can immerse yourself— and your date— in an evening of spectacular cuisine right here.

Moonee Ponds has an exciting dining scene featuring taste sensations from all over the world, so if you try a new one each night, it’s like taking a round-world trip! Let’s dive in and venture from Thailand to Turkey, all without leaving 3039.

Relish These Restaurants in Moonee Ponds

Ah, romantic dinner dates. Aren’t they the best? You get to be treated like the royalty you know you are, enjoy delicious food, and have a great night out, all in one! Whether you’re taking somebody out for a first date or switching up your regular date night routine, it’s difficult to go wrong in Moonee Ponds.

Is there a cuisine you haven’t tried yet? Maybe you’ve heard great things about Thai food but haven’t had the chance to try it yet, or maybe Indian sounds good, but you don’t know of any local Indian restaurants.

Well, we’re here to help! There’s nothing like trying a new dish or a new cuisine altogether to make date night a thrilling experience. Chefs at restaurants in Moonee Ponds have experience in making your meal a delight for all the senses, so make sure you give them a go!

Our suburb boasts an array of culinary options for those searching for romantic dinner date locations. Whether it’s your first date with somebody you’ve had your eye on for a while, a blossoming romance, or your partner of years upon years, they deserve to be treated to a delicious night out! You can pick your dinner date restaurant based on its food or its ambience, but whichever tempts you in, you won’t be disappointed with the restaurants on offer in Moonee Ponds.

1. Smile Thai Restaurant

Indulge in an authentic culinary journey to Thailand at Smile Thai Restaurant, located at 42 Puckle Street. Using fresh produce and classic homestyle recipes, they easily whip up a wide variety of dishes designed to delight. Vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free meals are all on offer, as are the traditional meat-based dishes like Tom Ka Chicken, beef with peanut sauce, and roast duck with oyster sauce.

2. Khao San Road Thai Restaurant

Khao San Road Thai, at 696 Mt. Alexander Road, features meticulously crafted traditional Thai cuisine served up by skilled chefs. This family-run business runs on salads, clay pot dishes, stir-fries, noodles, curry, and more! Whether wonton soup is your jam or you’re all about the Panang curry dumplings, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Last but certainly not least, make sure you order the sticky rice for dessert!

3. ChiliPepper Fine Vietnamese Restaurant

Each dish at ChiliPepper Fine Vietnamese tells a story of culinary heritage. From the aromatic pho that evokes the bustling streets of Hanoi to the harmony of herbs, vibrant vegetables, and succulent meats, they truly capture the essence of Vietnam. Fragrant and flavoursome, the meals here are crafted by chefs who can cater to a range of dietary requirements and also offer banquet options for those who want to try it all. Visit them at 603 Mt. Alexander Road today!

4. Huyen Linh 2 Vietnamese Cuisine

Located at 137 Puckle Street, Huyen Linh 2 prides itself on their authentic, homestyle Vietnamese food served with warm hospitality in an atmosphere that reflects Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage. Every bite will transport you to the hive of activity that is Ho Chi Minh City, but you don’t need to bring your passport— just your appetite! With their meals made from fresh, local ingredients and spices, you’ll both be glad you booked a romantic dinner date at Huyen Linh 2.

5. Escagrill Moonee Ponds

Classic meets modern Italian at Escagrill Moonee Ponds, located at 650 Mt. Alexander Road. The masterful Escagrill chefs pay homage to Italy’s fine dining scene with handcrafted platters, entrees, mains, and delectable desserts. And, of course, coffee! Taste truly knows no boundaries here with the oyster and crustacea, tank, and chargrilled menus, all featuring dishes made with fresh, premium local ingredients and served with superior service. If romance and elegance are what you’re after, this is the place to book your table!

6. Gourmet Kitchen Restaurant Bar and Cooking School

Who said a dinner date means your food needs to be made by somebody else? You can have your cake and eat it too at Gourmet Kitchen Restaurant Bar and Cooking School! Take a cooking class in a relaxed and friendly environment for a date they’ll never forget here at 14 Margaret Street. Choose from Spanish, Japanese, Thai, pasta, vegetarian and vegan, beginners, gluten-free baking, and patisserie to make sure all your bases are covered so that you’ll never need to eat out again. Except for your next trip here, of course! When you want to leave the cooking up to somebody else, their tapas, paella, and mains can’t be beaten. Whether you want to do it yourself or be waited on hand and foot, you’ll be impressed by Gourmet Kitchen Restaurant Bar and Cooking School.

7. Taksim Square Turkish Restaurant

Does the mention of Turkish food send a tingle to your tongue? Our taste buds love Taksim Square Turkish Restaurant, and we bet yours will too! Visit them at 561 Mt. Alexander Road and experience the best Turkish cuisine this side of the Mediterranean. Offering a set menu for Saturday dinners, you can choose to have your choices made for you at the 5 pm or 8 pm seatings on Saturdays, or take your pick from the a la carte menu any other night. They also offer banquets for a minimum of two people— perfect for date night.

8. Chiba Japanese Restaurant

Artistry and taste converge at Chiba Japanese Restaurant at 41 Hall Street! Here, you’ll find high-quality traditional Japanese fare made from the freshest ingredients by dedicated chefs. With fresh sushi and sashimi, teppanyaki, tempura, rice and noodle dishes, and more, you’ll taste the commitment to quality in every bite. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary or even hoping to ask somebody something very important, the friendly team here has all your needs covered.

9. Bekka Restaurant

Longing for Lebanese food? We don’t blame you— and now we might need to grab some for dinner as well! Bekka Restaurant, at 22 Hall Street, serves up Lebanese dishes inspired by the spectacular food and wine region of Beqaa Valley in Lebanon. Entree/mezze, wraps, and falafel and meats from the grill are all made with care and presented with pride, with classic dishes and combo packs peppering the extensive menu. When you can’t say no to baba ghannouj, here’s where you go!

10. Banyan Tree Indian Restaurant

You’ll find the authentic aromas and tastes of India at 688 Mt. Alexander Road, the home of Banyan Tree Indian Restaurant. Offering a wide range of traditional and modern Indian dishes, their menu celebrates the diversity of Indian cuisine from the spices of the north to the coastal influences of the south. Plus, with the lavish ambience that mirrors the grandeur of Indian palaces, it makes for a fantastic dinner date location! Spoil them with a romantic dinner at Banyan Tree tonight.

Romance is Calling in Moonee Ponds

Restaurants in Moonee Ponds are more than just mere places to eat— they’re portals to every corner of the globe that transport your taste buds from here to there, all without leaving your chair! Whether it’s your first date with somebody new, getting to know somebody better over a quiet dinner, or treating your partner to the dinner they deserve (that they didn’t have to cook!), you don’t need to venture far from home to do it.

If you can’t choose a favourite from the list, close your eyes and have a scroll, then point to the page. Where your finger landed is where you’ll be headed tonight!

Break out the candles and flowers, set them up (though don’t light those candles until you’re back at home!), and get ready for a delicious dinner right here in Moonee Ponds. You may be tired from treating your taste buds, but you’ll have had a great night out— and you may even discover a new favourite food along the way.