Are you ready to get in shape? There’s no better time to decide than now, so you can get into your new exercise routine before spring makes its highly-anticipated appearance. Before the gyms become chock-a-block, start your fitness goal by taking advantage of the cool and dry weather. Get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and get moving!

We all know that getting yourself in shape is not a walk in the park. Although speaking, taking a walk in the park is one of the best ways to start! Parks in Moonee Ponds are perfect locations for walking, a light jog, and just getting in touch with nature. Rushing is not the answer, so take it slow by including a walk in your exercise plan as part of your warm-up before a good day’s workout.

Moonee Ponds has an impressive number of gyms that house excellent fitness trainers. Hitting the gym once you’ve accustomed your body to movement with daily walks can offer you more possibilities to reach your goal and give you more options for staying fit. With the help of fitness professionals, you’ll be able to try various exercises and start focusing on the ones that can benefit you the most.

This blog explores the best gyms in Moonee Ponds to visit and make your home of fitness. Run, don’t walk, to the one that takes your fancy today!

Make Fitness Your Business

Whatever your exercise style is— or even if you haven’t found it yet— there’s a fitness centre in Moonee Ponds to suit you. Here are some fitness centres and yoga studios to help you to get fit and stay healthy in Moonee Ponds:

  1.   Anytime Fitness Moonee Ponds

Anytime Fitness, located in Moonee Ponds Shopping Centre and overlooking bustling Mt. Alexander Road, can help you to make healthy happen— any time! They’re open 24/7 for members, so if your work schedule is unpredictable or not the typical nine to five, you can still easily fit a workout into your day. Staffed hours differ depending on the day, however, so if you’re looking for some assistance, we recommend booking an appointment.

As for what you can do while you’re there, the answer is: Pretty much anything! The facilities at Anytime Fitness Moonee Ponds are varied and all are top-notch, allowing you to run, push, pull, jump, row, or cycle your way to your fitness goals.

More than just a fitness centre, Anytime Fitness Moonee Ponds is a community. They know all too well the struggles we’ve collectively faced over the past few years, and now that things are seemingly back on track, they were keen to celebrate! The team recently held an Xmas in July event for members that went so well they’re already looking forward to the next event. If you’re searching for a fitness centre with great options for cardio, weights, functional training, and a fantastic community spirit, Anytime Fitness Moonee Ponds can’t wait to welcome you in!

  1.   Listen To Your Body Moonee Ponds

Listen To Your Body is a family-run fitness centre that prides itself on treating its members as though they’re a part of their personal and fitness family. This supportive community has said no to mirrors, selfies, and commando trainers, and yes to inclusivity and a friendly atmosphere that features workouts tailored specifically for you.

Listen To Your Body is conveniently located on the corner of Homer and Margaret Streets, with a large parking area right across the road. Along with group classes such as HIIT and boxing classes, they also run personalised training sessions seven days a week. Each 45-minute session is made just for you, where your qualified personal trainer will prescribe exercises that suit your fitness level and goals.

Whatever exercise style suits you, the fact that Listen To Your Body doesn’t have walls of mirrors (or any mirrors!) can be a great benefit. If you find it easier to work out without being able to critique yourself every step of the way, you can listen to your body while not watching it like a hawk at this understanding and caring family-run fitness centre.

  1.   Collective Fitness

Collective Fitness’ mission is to change lives by implementing an individualised approach to your health and wellbeing, and that’s exactly what they do. You’ll find them at 1a Moore Street in Moonee Ponds, where you can the team gets to know you as an individual and provide you with support throughout your fitness journey.

Collective Fitness offers personal training programs, all delivered by qualified and experienced fitness trainers. So experienced, in fact, that they recognise that when people say ‘I’ll start on Monday’, it often turns into the next Monday, or the one after that, or the one after that… and they’re here to stop it!

The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to see your goals at the finish line— so they want you to start today! While they’re not militant in their approach, the team at Collective Fitness are keen to get you started on your journey towards a fitter you.

  1.   Yoga Flame

Don’t underestimate the importance of stretching! Whether before and after a workout or as a workout of its own, stretching keeps your muscles strong and healthy and helps you become more flexible. If you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, stretching and yoga can be great exercises to help you get going. Not only does it help you to feel great, but stretching is also one of the best ways to help with your blood circulation while reducing your risk for injury.

Yoga Flame, at 7 Moore St Moonee Ponds, offers classes, workshops, and even retreats all focused on yoga and the benefits of stretching and meditation. Their class timetable features many different types of yoga, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

The Hatha flow classes concentrate on poses and posture and doing so in a slow and controlled way, which can be a great place to start if you’re new to the world of yoga. They also offer hot flow (a steadily flowing vinyasa class held in a 30-degree room), yin yoga (focused on long, deep stretches to release mental and physical tension), and fluid flow (a dynamic vinyasa class aimed at inspiring awareness through fluid, mindful movement). Thanks to Yoga Flame’s range of class types, you can focus on stretches that correlate to your fitness program.

Looking for something a little different for your yoga experience? Yoga Flame also offers coaching, private yoga, and meditation. Meditation can significantly reduce stress levels in connection to the pressure we sometimes feel to get in shape. It also helps us focus, increases our self-awareness, and allows us to become more patient and tolerant.

If you’re unsure or hesitant about starting your fitness journey or are simply interested in yoga, Yoga Flame can assist in helping you reach your fitness goals.

  1.   Zenith Strength And Performance

Looking for a fitness centre and yoga studio all in one? You got it! Zenith Strength and Performance, at 12 Holmes Road, has a range of fitness classes and personal trainers to suit your style. They know that fitness is not a destination but a way of life, so if dancing, yoga, or meditation is more appealing to you than lifting weights or perfecting your squat, no problem!

While gym trainers are on hand to offer more traditional personal training, Zenith Strength and Performance may be just the place you’re looking for if you’re after something different. They have semi-private women’s dancing classes, where you can lose yourself in the music and burn calories without even realising since you’re having so much fun!

Also on offer are yoga and meditation classes, where you can get your zen on and feel good from the inside out. Yoga will help you to keep strong and gain flexibility, while meditation will help you on your journey to find inner peace and harmony. Whatever style of fitness suits you, Zenith Strength and Performance can help you achieve your goals.

  1.   Sassifit

Sassifit is a boutique personal training studio created by the head coach and founder Caroline Molloy. As a pre-and post-natal personal trainer and a mum herself, she understands the pressures women face throughout their lives and especially when they become mothers, and as such, Sassifit was born.

At Sassifit, she offers private and small group training that empowers all types of women. Understanding that each woman is unique and has her own individual needs, Sassifit caters to women who may be recovering from an illness, have an injury or disability that isn’t regularly catered to in typically gym environments, and of course, mothers at all stages of parenthood.

Whether you’re thinking about having children, have a new baby, or your children are fully grown, Caroline and the personal trainers at Sassifit understand the importance of training safely during and post-pregnancy.

Along with HIIT Fit classes, semi-private personal training, and Bod Fit classes, Sassifit also offers the Bod Fits and Bubs class. This class is tailored towards people who are pregnant or have babies or small children. However, if this doesn’t describe you but the low-impact cardio and strength-based workouts are calling you, you’re more than welcome to join! At Sassifit, the philosophy is all about inclusivity and acceptance and they’d love for you to be a part of it.

  1.   BFT Essendon

Body Fit Training Essendon can be found at 13-15 Puckle Street and will give you the intense workout that you need to get your blood pumping. Their Cardio U class is laser-focused on You(U), and aims to follow specifically prescribed heart rate zones to reach for both work and recovery periods. Sticking to the program will help you to take your fitness to the next level, taking you from lower-intensity workouts through to the complete opposite. Don’t forget your heart rate monitor— you’re going to want to see those impressive numbers after your workout!

Meanwhile, their strength class will stress your body meaningfully, helping you build lean muscle and take your fitness journey to the next level. This class is a favourite among members, and spots fill up quickly, so grab a towel and get on your way!

Ready To Get Your Fit On?

These Moonee Ponds fitness centres are more than ready to give you the needed support for you to reach your goal. So don’t delay— start planning your goal of getting fit and staying in shape this year!