“Sassi Fit was created for all the amazing women out there who want to build a better relationship with themselves through fitness”

Meet Caroline Molloy, the one who started it all! She’s the Founder, Head Coach, Pre & Post-natal Trainer, and most importantly, Sassi Fit’s Tribe Builder.

Sassi Fit has been operating for five years, with almost three years in operation right here in Moonee Ponds. And over the years, Caroline continues to stay firm in helping women achieve their health and fitness goals in a non-judgemental and safe environment, which is the primary reason why Sassi Fit was born.

So why the name Sassi Fit? Caroline chose her business name that very much suited her personality…Sassy! And that’s what she wanted to attract in others as well; that they are all these awesome women with a bit of sass, not taking fitness so seriously, but having fun and building a community all the while getting fit and building strength.

There is a significant difference to both the philosophy and environment at Sassi Fit as compared to those at traditional fitness gyms. Caroline believes in not pushing the ‘new body, new you’ trope. She doesn’t believe in pressuring women to look a certain way, and consequently adding to the pressures women already feel in everyday life. They have enough of that already. Therefore, Sassi Fit is there to make life easier for them

Over the years, Caroline, along with the rest of Sassi Fit’s team and clients have created an amazing family. They are an awesome tribe who support one another, who cheer for each other, who welcome new faces, who celebrate achievements with each other!


🏠: 19 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039

☎: 0425 773 332

📧: info@sassifit.com.au

🌐: www.sassifit.com.au