Hello Moonee Ponds!

I’m Darren Cilia – the owner of XLAB EMS Training. Here, we help you achieve the results of a 90-minute workout in just 20 minutes! We utilise XBody electro-muscular stimulation (EMS) equipment which provides full-body training, stimulating all your major muscle groups simultaneously. 

My background is in the corporate world, as well as the health and fitness industry. During my corporate career, I noticed how many people are living an unhealthy lifestyle due to the pressures of life, work, and family. And for others, they simply didn’t know how to make a change – either because they didn’t have the motivation or the resources.

After discovering EMS, I learned about its benefits and thought that more people should have access to this life-changing technology. EMS training is super effective and efficient, and a 20-minute session can fit into even the busiest schedule. You can complete your weekly training independently or with a partner, and we can personalise all sessions to suit your goals. 

EMS training can help 85% of people. Most people who utilise EMS are time-poor and need something that can offer them accelerated results in a fraction of the time it takes to do a workout class. Their main goal is to lose weight and/or recover from chronic injuries. 

There is a simple story to our name, XLAB EMS Training. The X stands for cross-body training, and LAB refers to the scientific approach behind what we do. When you try EMS training for yourself, you’ll learn that there’s simply nothing that compares. The time, efficiency, and results of a workout with us will have you wondering why you didn’t start sooner! 

Owning a business so far has been a learning curve because there’s so much to do beyond our core function. I believe that our success stems from having a strong point of difference from conventional training and the fact we always strive to create an amazingly positive client experience. 

I’m excited to bring EMS training to the people of Moonee Ponds! This suburb is the ultimate hub in Melbourne. We’re close to the CBD, can easily access all directions, and have all the services you could need on our doorstep. Moonee Ponds is a great demographic and community with great vibes – I love it! 

If you’re looking for a way to achieve the results of a 90-minute workout in just 20, I invite you to visit us! I trust you’ll love our innovative approach and how EMS can positively impact your health, lifestyle, and overall life. I’m passionate about EMS Training and can’t wait to share it with you! 

Visit X Lab EMS Training today!