Macelleria Moonee Ponds

Macelleria Moonee Ponds, a butcher and steakhouse, has been ranked number 4 on Big 7 Travel’s 50 Best Steaks in the World and at the top of only five Australian steakhouses mentioned. Your fate for an amazing dining experience has been sealed. That’s a guarantee when you see the recognitions and accolades Macelleria has received for their dedication to serving only the perfect steaks!

Obtaining the highest-quality steaks is a craft in its own right. It involves finding the best cuts from reliable farmers who emphasise animal welfare and sustainable practices. At Macelleria, they take steak seriously, from carefully choosing the breed to ensuring appropriate ageing. All necessary measures are taken to maintain the meat’s exceptional flavour and tenderness.

The team thoroughly curates the finest MSA-grade beef. They are sourced from regions across Australia, ensuring that their food is devoid of added hormones and antibiotics.

Macelleria, meaning “butcher shop” in Italian, transforms its actual meaning to become Australia’s most sought-after steak restaurant. They go beyond providing ordinary meals. Their menu showcases a variety of gourmet meats, such as dry-aged Australian steaks, sausages, skewers, sides, and their distinctive burger selection.

Discover Macelleria’s:

Unadulterated Quality: They carefully source ingredients, ensuring the origin and traceability of every portion on your plate.

Healthy Satisfaction: All meals are made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. As a consequence, your body and soul are well satisfied.

Ethical Methodology: They fully support eco-friendly practices and conscientious sourcing, warranting that their products substantiate your values.

Personalised Service: Their welcoming and courteous staff accommodates your individual needs, establishing a memorable dining experience.

Incomparable Proficiency: Their passion for food excels in every phase, from skilled preparation to professional recommendations.


So, gather your loved ones, colleagues, or simply treat yourself to a well-deserved steak dinner. Visit Macelleria Moonee Ponds and discover a world of flavour, warmth, and exceptional service!