Where To Find The Best Asian Cuisine In Moonee Ponds

Have a hankering for authentic flavours just like you had as a kid? Maybe you recently discovered your favourite Asian cuisine, or you’re looking for a hole in the wall restaurant guaranteed to serve up deliciousness and impress your date. Whatever the reason you’re on the hunt for Asian cuisine— including the reason of ‘because I want to’—, you’re sure to find all the great taste sensations right here in Moonee Ponds.

This blog explores the best restaurants offering different types of Asian food in Moonee Ponds, from authentic Chinese fare to traditional Thai food and more. To see what all the fuss is about when it comes to Moonee Ponds’ selection of Asian cuisine, get started on your journey of discovery today!

Dine In And Chow Down In Moonee Ponds

Moonee Ponds has always been a haven for foodies, thanks to its location just 7km north-west of Melbourne’s CBD and population from all areas of the globe. Nestled between Essendon and Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds offers a wide variety of just about every cuisine from around the world.

Sometimes you’re looking for something different, maybe a little healthier, maybe something new, or maybe something you remember from your childhood and can’t bear another moment without. No problem! When you’re in the mood for traditional Chinese food, Malaysian fare, Thai cuisine, Japanese food, or something else to hit the spot, you’re in the right place for Asian cuisine here in Moonee Ponds.

  1. Oriental Flavour

The secret’s out— Oriental Flavour is a foodie paradise ready to take Moonee Ponds by storm. Praised as a highly-recommended gem that serves up fresh and delectable Asian fusion goodness, this Puckle Street restaurant provides takeaway, dine-in, and delivery service six days a week.

No matter which way you have it, you’ll be devouring your selection in no time. It’s just too good to savour! When you’ve been craving fried soft shell crab, salt and pepper Japanese tofu, or a good ol’ red curry, Oriental Flavour is sure to hit the spot just as you’d hoped. Looking for traditional Chinese food? Mouth-watering stir-fried Chinese broccoli lives here, and you can delight in it with oyster sauce or mushrooms and tofu. Sounds good to us!

To top off the amazing food, the team at Oriental Flavour provide exceptional service and welcome every customer like they’re a member of the family— which you may as well be once you get a taste of their food and find it hard to leave!

  1. Khao San Road

Khao San Road is named after the central Bangkok trading post site, where farmers traded raw rice known as ‘Khao-San’. Many people who visit Thailand pay a visit to Khao San Road and consider it a rite of passage to do so. However, if a visit to Bangkok isn’t on the cards for you, the next best thing is right here in Moonee Ponds!

Khao San Road, located at 696 Mt. Alexander Road, offers traditional Thai food in a cosy setting perfectly ripe for intimate dinners and celebrations. Stepping inside will transport all of your senses to Bangkok in an instant, thanks to the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen and diners’ tables and the visible Thai charm adorning the walls and interiors.

Once you’re settled in, treat yourself to Mussaman curry, fish clay pot, pad Thai, or any other Thai delight of your choice— you can’t go wrong!

Trying to get a table as a walk-in may prove difficult, which only attests to this Thai restaurant’s popularity. We highly recommend making a booking to ensure your seat if you’re dining in, as the space can get pretty busy (and rightly so!).

  1. Chili Pepper

One of Moonee Ponds’ biggest players when it comes to Asian cuisine is the Mt. Alexander Road institution Chili Pepper. Here, Vietnamese cuisine continues to meet and exceed standards due to the team’s strict adherence to tradition while remaining open to innovative and modern flairs.

Chili Pepper has been a mainstay for Asian cuisine lovers in Melbourne’s northwest for over 20 years. During that time, they’ve perfected the art of dishes such as beef in black bean sauce, chicken with cashew nuts, and tender pork spare ribs. However, it’s not all meat— vegetarians are sure to be pleased with the vegetarian dishes menu, and there’s something for everyone on the desserts menu (if you have any room left after your meal, that is!).

Adding to the authenticity of the traditional Vietnamese food is the location you’ll be eating it. When you dine in at Chili Pepper, you’ll be eating amongst musical instruments and stunning chandeliers, making your meal here a delight for not just your taste buds but your other senses as well.

  1. Chiba Japanese

Traditional Japanese food is a classic but a standout, and Chiba Japanese does tradition in style. This Hall Street Japanese restaurant is brimming with aromas that will make your nose twitch and your mouth water, begging you to give their Japanese cuisine a try!

The menu has a wide variety of options for all lovers of traditional Japanese food, including vegetarians and those with gluten-free diets. Sushi has a menu all of its own here, which boasts favourites such as the Chiba special for 2 (a combination of sushi, sashimi, and seaweed rice rolls), teriyaki chicken rolls, and unagi sushi.

Sushi not your style? Don’t worry, there’s a lot more to Japanese cuisine! The mains menu can load you up with well-loved foodie favourites, including bento, tempura prawns, wafu steak, and seafood moriawase, among others. Whatever you’re in for, Chiba Japanese nails the brief every time!

  1. Jack’s Satay Bar

Is Malaysian cuisine calling your name? The caller is closer than you may think! Moonee Ponds has its very own Malaysian restaurant with all the Malaysian fare you could ever wish for, all without the hassle of travelling overseas. This trendy, pub-style bar on Mt. Alexander Road does authentic Malaysian food like no other and is beloved by Asian cuisine lovers from Moonee Ponds, Melbourne, and beyond.

Jack’s Satay Bar offers a fit-out as tasty as its menu, with its exposed brick interior and wall art that serves to remind you what you’re about to devour. A Moonee Ponds fixture since 1989, Jack’s has well and truly proven it’s one of the most loved restaurants in the area for a multitude of reasons. The staff love to go all out to help you host a celebration or event and offer buffet-style catering as well as their dine-in experience.

Bookings are recommended, and personally, we also recommend perusing the menu before you arrive. It’s as long as it is delicious, and you don’t want to waste precious time reading when you could be eating! Expect a wealth of satay dishes on the menu, of course, accompanied by an almost endless list of noodle, curry, rice, and seafood dishes.

  1. Yokoso Izakaya

Yokoso Izakaya takes Japanese cuisine to a whole new level, all while providing the ambience at the same time. This moody Japanese restaurant features dark wood panelling, giant fish lanterns, and cut-outs in the walls revealing beautiful stonework, as well as a team of friendly staff ready to make your experience unforgettable.

Once you get over the stunning interior, the menu displays another reason this restaurant is one of Moonee Ponds’ most celebrated. Tapas is a popular option for those dining in a group, where you can expect edamame, Wagyu beef teriyaki, and tempura, among others. Meanwhile, sushi and sashimi remain crowd favourites, as well as maki rolls, salmon steak, chilli ebi prawn, fresh salads, and the sensational dessert menu. We recommend the chocolate spring roll with green tea ice cream to complete your night in the best way possible.

  1. Huyen Linh 2

You can never have 2 many Vietnamese restaurants, and if you haven’t tried Huyen Linh 2 yet, now’s the time to (2) do so! Located on Puckle Street in Moonee Ponds, this Vietnamese restaurant serves traditional Vietnamese food amongst black and white images lining the walls and illuminated by the red ceiling above.

With an eye for authenticity, Huyen Linh 2 provides a distinct Vietnamese culinary experience and has been doing so since 2010. Using fresh, local ingredients, here you’ll feast on authentic homestyle family cooking aimed at captivating your tastebuds and using spices that put them to the test (if that’s what you want!). Pho is a tried and tested favourite among all types of diners, and the authentic Vietnamese iced coffee is always expertly crafted and presented. Between the friendly and attentive staff, excellent food and beverage options, and authentic atmosphere, you won’t want to leave once you’re done with your meal!

Ready To Indulge In Asian Cuisine?

Whatever style of Asian cuisine takes your fancy, it’s available right here in Moonee Ponds. Lunch and dinner are taken care of, so head into the foodie hub today!