Enjoy Plant-Based Goodness in Moonee Ponds

Moonee Ponds, an exciting Melbourne suburb known for its multicultural charm, is also vegan-friendly! Gone are the days of limited options for plant-based eaters. Moonee Ponds offers a wonderful array of restaurants, cafes, and grocers catering to the vegan lifestyle.

The All-Day Vegan Cafe:

  • Olivia Spring Cafe: This fully vegan cafe is a Moonee Ponds gem, offering a delicious and diverse menu throughout the day. Start your morning with a smoothie or a plant-based breakfast bowl. For lunch, choose from a selection of creative salads, wraps, and nourishing bowls. Don’t forget to explore their selection of tempting vegan cakes and pastries for a guilt-free afternoon treat. Olivia Spring Cafe offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a casual catch-up with friends or a solo lunch break.

Guilt-free Burgers:

  • Grill’d: They offer a selection of delicious vegan burgers made with 100% plant-based patties that are surprisingly juicy and tasty. Cooked separately from meat products, and all sides are prepared in plant-based oil. Top your burger with a variety of vegan sauces and fresh toppings for a satisfying and customizable lunch or dinner option. Their sweet potato fries are a must-try vegan side dish!

Spice Up Your Pantry:

  • Indian Srilankan Groceries: Stock your pantry with exotic ingredients and explore the world of vegan Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine at home. This specialty grocer offers a huge range of spices, lentils, grains, and ready-made vegan meals and sauces. Their knowledgeable staff can guide you through the aisles and help you discover new ingredients to create appetising and authentic vegan feast.

Fresh and Local:

  • Ladybird Organics: This organic grocer is a sanctuary for health-conscious individuals, including vegans. Ladybird Organics offers a wide variety of fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, perfect for whipping up delicious and nutritious vegan meals. They also stock a variety of plant-based milks, cheeses, and other vegan staples. Their focus on locally sourced produce ensures freshness and minimizes your environmental impact.


A Vegan Paradise Awaits in Moonee Ponds

Moonee Ponds is filled with a variety of restaurants, cafes, and grocers that cater to the plant-based lifestyle. From flavourful Thai curries to customizable vegan burgers and fresh, local produce, Moonee Ponds offers everything you need to thrive as a vegan!