Discover the perfect spots for a picnic and food to bring in Moonee Ponds

There’s something inherently joyful about a picnic with amazing food options in Moonee Ponds. The combination of good food, great company, and the great outdoors creates a recipe for relaxation and fun. It beckons with picnic perfection as you unwind beneath majestic oaks, savour local delights, and soak in the river’s serene beauty. Whether a classic spread or a unique adventure, Moonee Ponds promises an unforgettable bite of joy under the sun.

1. Moonee Valley: Fun in Every Form

Moonee Valley, Victoria, isn’t just a city with recreational facilities – it’s a playground for all!

Nature lovers? Breathe in fresh air and reconnect amidst serene parks teeming with life.
* Maribyrnong Park – Take in the river’s allure. Diverse landscapes paint this park – open fields call for sunbathing, the dog park caters to furry friends, and heritage-listed boat sheds whisper tales of a bygone era. Find your perfect nook, soak in the panoramic views, and let the gentle murmur of the Maribyrnong River be your picnic’s soundtrack.

Sports buffs? Hone your golf swing or ace your serve on multi-purpose fields and courts.
* Riverside Golf and Sports Centre – The next golf getaway in the heart of Ascot Vale awaits visitors at Riverside Golf and Sports Centre. The facilities at the centre comprise a 9-hole golf course, mini golf, tennis courts, a driving range, a high ropes challenge course, and netball courts, as well as a bar and restaurant suitable for functions and events.

Family fun? Let that laughter and fun out at engaging playgrounds scattered throughout the city.
* Tote Park is now open to both visitors and residents, marks the first publicly accessible space in the area. Spanning across half a hectare, the new park offers an abundance of charm with its expansive rolling lawn, meandering gardens, and a natural playground designed for families to enjoy.

Moonee Valley goes beyond amenities. Sports clubs and community spirit invite you to connect and discover new passions. So pack your basket, lace up your shoes, or simply unwind—Moonee Valley awaits, ready to transform your leisure time into an unforgettable adventure!


2. Now, let’s talk about food.

Here are four places in Moonee Ponds where you can grab some delicious food for your picnic:

* Dear Abbey Café – Pack up your picnic basket and head to Dear Abbey for gourmet sandwiches, pies, fresh salads, delectable pastries and beverages that will make your picnic extra special.

* Caffè Merenda – Whether you’re looking for a cheese soufflé, sandwiches, or other delightful picnic fare, Caffè Merenda’s menu provides picnic-goers with an assortment of gourmet options to choose from. With an emphasis on using locally sourced ingredients, they also offer gluten-free options, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

* Carosello – Enjoy a delightful Italian-inspired picnic treat from a selection of traditional wood-fired pizzas, hand-made pasta, and classic Italian dishes at Carosello. From classic pizzas featuring mouthwatering toppings such as Cazzo Di Cavallo (tomato, fior di latte, sopressa) to hearty main meals like Chicken Parmagiana, Carosello provides high-quality, flavorful options perfect for outdoor feasting.

* Umiyaki – The menu at Umiyaki Japanese Restaurant offers a selection of picnic-friendly options such as sushi, sashimi, tapas, udon, poke bowl, bento, taco, donburi, and more. You can also opt for the Lunch Picnic Box, designed for 2 people. This provides an opportunity to enjoy the freshest and most delicious Japanese food in a picnic setting, perfect for enjoying the outdoors in Moonee Ponds.


Beyond the Essentials:

Remember, the perfect picnic is more than just food and location. Pack sunscreen to shield yourself from the sun’s rays, insect repellent to keep unwanted guests at bay, and comfy picnic blankets for ultimate relaxation. Opt for reusable utensils and plates to minimise your environmental impact and leave no trace behind.
So, spread your picnic blanket, unpack your basket, and let Moonee Ponds weave its magic!