Hi! I’m Cassie Atkinson-Quinton, and I’m the owner of Body & Brain Centre on Ascot Vale Road. I have been running the business for six years now, and each one has brought me exactly what I set out to achieve when we set up shop here where I grew up in Moonee Ponds. 

Having always lived in Moonee Valley, Moonee Ponds and its surrounding suburbs are dear to my heart. I have a strong sense of community and have always wanted to give back to the area I grew up in, so it was a dream come true for me to open Body & Brain Centre here! Plus, this side of the city doesn’t have many services for brain health— an area I’ve been especially interested in for over a decade— so it felt as if it were meant to be. 

After ironing out the day-to-day details like time management and picking a business name that blended both mind and body, we were off and running. Between our team’s honesty, caring natures, and passion for what we do, we love going into ‘work’ to change our clients’ lives. We’re very particular about selecting the most qualified practitioners to join our team, which I think has been the key to our success.  

I’m proud of the strong community we’ve created with our clients, who range from newborn babies through to the elderly. Our team approach allows us to see many complex cases, which strengthens our ties with our close-knit community.  

The Moonee Valley community, both its people and its places, will always be full of special memories for me. I fondly remember my childhood growing up here, going with my mum and sister to Glen Ord for cake and ‘coffee’ (okay, it was just steamed milk, but still!) and having the time of our lives. As well as helping people to feel their best mentally and physically, I’m proud to contribute to this community that’s such a part of me. 

All in all, I’d describe myself as ambitious, and Moonee Ponds as a bustling and busy location that’s only going to grow with time. In the next five years, I hope to see it expand into a fresh and clean space where we can go from day to night, doing everything we need and want to do in the one place— just hopefully with better parking than we have today!

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