When you were a kid, what were some of your favourite things to do? Play games? Make up stories? Run around and climb everything in sight (much to your poor mother’s chagrin)? Yep, thought so! Everybody who’s ever been a child knows that imagination has no limits, and that’s one thing that doesn’t change from generation to generation.

Something else that never goes out of style is the excitement of arriving at a kids playground and seeing the possibilities that lie ahead. For children, the equipment is whatever they want it to be—a portal to another universe, a rocket ship, or a kingdom that they can rule. It can also be exactly what it is, whether that be a simple slide or a cosy place to curl up and read a book. Meanwhile, for the grown-ups a kids playground often represents a moment to sit back and watch your kids play, make friends, and expend some of that pent-up energy. It’s a win-win all around, so take your kids to one of Moonee Ponds’ great kids playgrounds today and make the whole family smile!

This blog explores 5 of the best playgrounds and parks to take your kids in Moonee Ponds and let their imaginations run wild. What are you waiting for— head on out and give them a try today!

  1.   Queens Park, Moonee Ponds

Queen’s Park truly has it all. Lake? Check. Walking tracks? Check. Bandstand? Check. Art? Check. History? Check. Playgrounds? You know it! Whether you’re looking for a scenic place to take the family on a picnic, spend some time admiring nature, or get in some exercise at the pool, this is the park to do it in.

Queen’s Park is so regal that it doesn’t have just one playground— it has two! Known as Queen’s Park Large Playground and Queen’s Park Small Playground, the names give away what you can expect from each one. The larger playground contains play equipment generally suitable for primary school-aged children, while the smaller is designed with toddlers in mind 

The large playground is popular with people from Melbourne’s inner north-west suburbs due to its proximity to café facilities. Curator’s Collective serves up delicious food and coffee every day of the year other than Good Friday, Melbourne Cup Day, and Christmas Day, keeping everybody’s bellies and caffeine reserves full. If you need a standout location to meet friends and catch up over coffee while the kids play, start planning your trip to Queen’s Park today.

  1.   Aberfeldie Park

Want to burn off some of your own energy as well as the kids’? Aberfeldie Park knows how to get hearts pumping! Traditionally an AFL ground, Aberfeldie Park has a well-looked-after oval, athletics track, an off-leash dog park, and— of course— the kids playground. Bring your athletic friends, your dog, and the whole family to enjoy a day out at popular Aberfeldie Park, located on Corio Street.

The playground has gotten some upgrades in recent times and now features bright blue and orange equipment to draw the kids’ attention. It includes all the fun stuff like wave slides, a climbing frame, inclined walkway, chain bridge, stepping stones, and more. Kids of all ages will find something to entertain themselves on while you admire the nearby artwork or pull up a patch of grass on the slope and watch them play.

  1.   Maribyrnong Park

Do you remember the wooden playgrounds from when you were your kids’ age? How enchanting they looked from afar and how they only appeared to become more magical as you came closer? They’re becoming rarer and rarer these days, so when you find one, make sure you keep coming back!

Maribyrnong Park is a wooden adventure style playground overlooking the Maribyrnong River. It features some different facilities to your everyday playground, such as the interactive sculpture area with puzzles, suspended net, and equipment that makes unusual sounds to get everybody giggling. Do your little ones have an interest in music and noise? If so, this is the playground for them!

Along with the activities to entertain and amaze, here you’ll find plenty of shaded and unshaded seats so you can bring a picnic and watch the fun in comfort, whatever the weather. And with Melbourne being Melbourne, who knows what that will be! Whatever the case, it’ll be a fun family day out at Maribyrnong Park.

  1.   Fanny Street Reserve

Ahoy, mateys! Fanny Street Reserve, also known as Fanny Street Playground, is home to the wooden ship complete with double slide, monkey bars, see-saw, cubby, and so much more. The playground has a water theme and is based around the ship, so the kids can become sea creatures for the day with ease— just add imagination! There’s also a BMX track nearby for the older kids, and shaded and unshaded tables near the BBQs for a family lunch (BYO sausages). Fanny Street Reserve is definitely the playground for your aspiring mermaids and mer-men!

  1.   Ormond Park

Ormond Park, on Pattison Street, is home to a compact playground next to an oval. While the structure itself may be smaller than some other playgrounds, that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun! The usual players are all here: Slide, ladders, tunnel, climbing wall, and swings. Kids can easily make their own fun here, and the added bonus is that you’ll be able to see them from wherever you sit or stand. You can also engage with them and help them learn by playing the big tic tac toe game next to the climbing gym, so it’s as educational as it is fun! If you’re in the area, stop by for a play and you may just find your new favourite playground.

Play In Moonee Ponds

Excess energy bouncing off the walls at your house? Yep, that’ll happen! Kids in Moonee Ponds have several playgrounds nearby they can expend that energy, so take your pick and take them there today.