The Fascinating World of Moonee Ponds Laser Clinics

Looking for a Moonee Ponds laser clinic? It won’t take you long! Here in Moonee Ponds, we’re passionate about skincare, and it shows in our abundance of skincare clinics. Whether you want to have a laser treatment for your face, arms, legs, or elsewhere, laser may be a great option for your specific skin concerns.

In this article, we explain what laser is, how you can prepare for it, what its benefits may be, and explore the fascinating world of Moonee Ponds laser clinics. Ready to rejuvenate your skin?

What Is Laser?

Laser skin treatments involve heat and beams of light to improve the appearance of the skin. This can include removing unwanted hair, reducing redness and discolouration, helping to improve acne, reducing cellulite, and tightening the skin.

Lasers work by intentionally causing controlled damage to the skin’s surface, much like what happens to muscles when we work out. Treatment encourages your collagen production to ramp up and stimulates the body to produce a healing response, with the aim of your skin looking better than ever.

How To Prepare For Laser Treatment

The preparation you may need to do will depend on the treatment you’re getting. 

When it comes to laser hair removal, it’s recommended that you exfoliate the area three days before and shave the area 12 to 24 hours prior to your appointment. Avoid using wax, depilatory creams, and plucking for four weeks, as well as excessive sun exposure for at least two weeks before your appointment. Lastly, don’t use any topical creams, moisturisers, or perfumes on the area before your appointment.

If you have any questions regarding any upcoming treatments you may have, contact the clinic for information specifically for you.

Why Invest In Laser? 

Everybody’s skin is different, and depending on this and the specific treatment you get, your result may differ from the person next to you.

For laser hair removal, it may take between four and six sessions before you see results due to factors such as your skin type, hair colour, and thickness of the hair. The results may last a very long time or even a lifetime, although you may need occasional touch-ups in the future. Laser hair removal means that you can say goodbye to nicking your ankles when shaving in the shower and a trip to the waxing salon every six weeks, knowing that you’ll be hair-free for longer than you ever have before.

When it comes to laser skin resurfacing, your results may last for between three and five years, making it a worthwhile investment in your appearance and self-confidence.

Moonee Ponds Laser Clinics 

Ready to put your skin concerns behind you and put your best foot forward? These Moonee Ponds laser clinics can have you looking and feeling your best right in time for summer.

  1.   Promedic Laser And Skin Moonee Ponds

Treatments available:

  •     Laser hair removal
  •     Skin treatments
  •     Body shaping and cellulite
  •     Teeth whitening
  •     Tattoo removal
  •     Cosmetic injectables

Promedic Laser And Skin Moonee Ponds, at 129 Puckle Street, offers medical-grade skin and cosmetic treatments through their use of revolutionary high-end technology. The clinicians here are dedicated to helping people achieve long-lasting results, whether that be laser hair removal, skin treatments, cosmetic injectables, or another treatment.

Laser hair removal is a popular choice at Promedic Laser and Skin due to their highly-trained clinicians and medical-grade Candela technology. This medical-grade laser produces light wavelengths that are absorbed by the pigment in the hair. Ultimately, this aims to destroy the hair follicle without disrupting the skin, giving you silky smoothness that looks as good as it feels.

Looking for cosmetic injectables? The team at Promedic Laser and Skin have got you covered there too. Anti-wrinkle injections plump and smooth skin and aim to reduce wrinkles in areas of concern such as crow’s feet, lips, and the forehead, while dermal fillers may restore fullness to areas that keep you looking young such as the lips and cheeks. When you’re searching for a natural-looking result by a highly-qualified clinician, the team at Promedic Laser and Skin Moonee Ponds will take care of you.

  1.   North Pearl Aesthetic Laser Clinic

Treatments available:

  •     Dermalogica expert facial
  •     Signature facial treatments
  •     Hydrodermabrasion
  •     Coolsculpting
  •     RF skin tightening
  •     IPL treatment
  •     HIFU treatment
  •     Picosecond treatment
  •     Laser hair removal
  •     LED light therapy
  •     Massage

Interested in adding a massage, Coolsculpting, or skin tightening to your treatment regime? If so, North Pearl Aesthetic Laser Clinic is the place to do it. The team at this clinic at 8 Margaret Street is known for their sincerity in offering reasonably-priced treatments for your skin and body with treatments including IPL treatment, LED light therapy, picosecond treatment, and more.

Their wide range of signature facials means that no matter your concern, they have a treatment just for you. Cleansing and reducing acne, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and keeping your neck in tip-top shape are all in a day’s work here! They take a holistic approach to health, wellness, beauty, and skincare, also offering treatments such as the Dermalogica expert facial and hydrodermabrasion.

At North Pearl Aesthetic Laser Clinic, they use the 808nm diode laser hair removal machine, which is one of the world’s most advanced laser hair removal machines. After treating the area, they apply laser aid which was designed to help heal your skin after laser treatment. Best of all, they also sell laser aid, so you can use it in the days following your treatment for optimal skin protection. You can also add on treatments like a moisturising mask or hand treatment to round out your day of pampering— sign me up!

  1.   DermaCare Cosmetic And Laser Clinic

Treatments available:

  •     Anti-wrinkle injections
  •     Dermal fillers
  •     Laser hair removal
  •     Laser genesis skin treatment
  •     DermaFrac treatment
  •     Lip enhancement/lip augmentation
  •     Laser facial rejuvenation
  •     Laser vein removal— spider veins
  •     Chemical peels

The Moonee Ponds DermaCare team at 19 Norwood Crescent are dedicated to helping you get the skin of your dreams. Between laser hair removal, laser facial rejuvenation, and laser vein removal, they’ve got all your non-invasive laser needs covered under one roof!

Using advanced technology and procedures, DermaCare clinicians love to help improve your self-confidence as they get to work on a range of face and body conditions, including scarring, ageing, acne, and pigmentation. The treatments here are provided by certified medical personnel such as registered nurses and medical practitioners, so you know you’re in good hands regardless of the treatment you opt for.

With your well-being as their main priority, you can rest assured DermaCare Cosmetic and Laser Clinic is committed to your health and safety just as much as they are the intended aesthetic results. While laser hair removal is not always suitable for those with dark skin tones, the medically trained registered nurses here may be able to design a program for you with your individual skin type and goals in mind. With an understanding that the smallest change may make a big difference, the treatment or treatments you choose may have you feeling like a whole new person in no time.

  1.   Australian Laser And Skin Clinic

Treatments available:

  •     Laser hair removal
  •     Laser tattoo removal
  •     Microdermabrasion
  •     Skin needling
  •     Laser facial
  •     Laser for pigment or redness
  •     Chemical peels
  •     Plasma pen
  •     Cryotherapy
  •     Epi-blading
  •     Cosmelan
  •     Carbon laser peel
  •     Low-level laser therapy
  •     LED light therapy
  •     Cosmetic injections
  •     Teeth whitening

Australian Laser and Skin Clinic Moonee Ponds sits at 8 Pascoe Vale Road, just opposite the Puckle Street shopping strip. With their easy-to-get-to location and a long list of available treatments, there’s no excuse not to make Australian Laser and Skin Clinic your new skin destination.

Along with laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and laser facial treatments, they also offer Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). This is specifically designed using light to stimulate, regulate, and accelerate cell function. In doing this, it aims to treat damaged tissue such as bruising, eczema, cold sores, scarring, and more.

With cosmetic injectables as yet another treatment option on their menu, Australian Laser and Skin Clinic can plump both your skin and your confidence. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers may help to restore your youthful look, and other cosmetic injectables may even help to reduce excessive sweating, inject hydration, and improve the appearance of a double chin. It’s all here at Australian Laser and Skin Clinic Moonee Ponds!

  1.   The Beauty Company Moonee Ponds

Treatments include:

  •     Foundation skin treatments
  •     Skin revision treatments
  •     Alkaline treatment
  •     Acne skin treatment
  •     Laser hair removal
  •     Waxing
  •     Makeup
  •     Nails
  •     Tan
  •     Lash and brow
  •     Teeth whitening


This local beauty salon at 28 Shuter Street offers skin treatments, laser treatments, beauty treatments, and teeth whitening all in the same place. When you want to rejuvenate your skin through skin revision or foundation skin treatments and pop back in later for a beauty treatment where the staff know your skin well, this is just the place!

The team here work with the best laser machine possible for their laser skin treatments. With a focus on laser hair removal, SRA pigment treatment, and sublime skin tightening (anti-wrinkle), their Syneron Candela Elos Plus helps them to bring out your natural beauty. This latest technology is well-known for both its speed and quality, making it one of the best in the business. And when combined with the talents of the team at The Beauty Company Moonee Ponds, you’re in for a treat!

When it comes to treating yourself after your skin is looking its best, dressing it up is the way to go. The makeup artists here will play up your best features and make you look even more stunning than usual, and cater to people of all ages and skin types. Whether you’re into a full-coverage look or the more natural-looking approach, you’ll be snapping selfies all night after your makeover by The Beauty Company team.

  1.   Clearskincare Clinics

Treatments available:

  •     Laser hair removal
  •     Skin consultations
  •     Signature acne treatment
  •     Microdermabrasion
  •     HydraFacial
  •     PDO threads
  •     Skin needling
  •     SkinPen advanced needling
  •     Luxima fluorescent light
  •     Signature skin peels
  •     Overnight skin peels
  •     Freckle removal
  •     Pigmentation removal
  •     Laser skin rejuvenation
  •     Redless treatment
  •     Red vein removal
  •     LED light treatment
  •     Cosmetic injecting
  •     Teeth whitening
  •     Pigmentation removal
  •     Mole skin tag


Here you’ll find a wide variety of skin and beauty treatments designed to have you feeling on top of the world. Anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and cosmetic injectables are all on offer, as are harder-to-find treatments such as HydraFacial, PDO threads, and SkinPen advanced needling.

The caring, highly-trained, and certified team use leading medical-grade Candela lasers for all skin types. Laser hair removal from Clearskincare Clinics means no more ingrown hairs, shaving rashes, or shaving nicks, and replaces all of these things with silky-smooth confidence. As pioneers in laser hair removal for the last 20 years, Clearskincare Clinics is well-known and trusted for removing both hair and hassle.

Laser rejuvenation aims to tighten pores and give your skin a new lease on life, which is exactly what the team here has been doing for years. With no downtime and minimal pain and discomfort, you can restore your vibrant, youthful skin in no time, thanks to Clearskincare Clinics.

Looking For Laser In Moonee Ponds?

No matter where you want to see less hair, you’re just steps away from laser treatment in Moonee Ponds. With laser hair removal, laser skin rejuvenation, and laser facials being so easy to come by, you can step into summer hair-free and carefree. To begin your journey, book a treatment today.