Pet Care Places Every Dog Owner Should Know In Moonee Ponds

We dog lovers are a special breed, aren’t we? When it comes to the care and comfort of our beloved pooches, nothing could ever be too much. We feed them the best food, let them sleep wherever they like, pamper them endlessly, and essentially let them rule our lives. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Luckily for dog owners in Moonee Ponds, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to options for pet care, including dog boarding, doggy daycare, puppy school, dog groomers, vets, and more. Whether you need to stock up on their favourite treats, get them a nicer haircut than you get yourself, or have a new puppy and need puppy care or a puppy school to enrol them in, all your pet care options are covered in Moonee Ponds.

This blog explores the best 3 pet care businesses in Moonee Ponds, covering all things pet care, from dog boarding and doggy daycare to dog barbers and dog sitters. For further information on each business or to book an appointment, check out their individual websites.

Make Your Dog The Star Of Moonee Ponds With These Local Pet Care Palaces

Whether your furry friend is big, small, or in between, there’s a vet, pet sitter, and dog groomer in Moonee Ponds that will fit their needs to a T. For those of us with big fluffers, we know all too well there can never be enough great dog groomers and dog barbers experienced in taming those manes! Meanwhile, regardless of their hair situation, every dog needs a caring vet who knows them well and treats them with the love they deserve. 

My Pet Warehouse Moonee Ponds

Easily located in Moonee Ponds Central, My Pet Warehouse is bursting with pet care products and invites you and your pup to visit and check them all out. With a wide range of dog food, including prescription, fresh treats, and anything else your dog will love to chow down on, they’ll be in heaven as soon as they trot on in!

Tasty treats are just the beginning of what you’ll find at My Pet Warehouse. When you can drag them and their sniff sensors away from the food, you’ll find anything and everything you could ever need for their happiness and care. My Pet Warehouse stocks dog toys (soft toys for the cuddlers, water toys for the athletic, durable toys for the chew enthusiasts, and more), along with dog bedding, bowls, coats and apparel, leads and harnesses, and really anything you could ever need!

The staff also have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to pet care and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re new to puppy parenthood or a seasoned pro when it comes to your preferred breed, there will always be something new popping up that you don’t have the answer to just yet. Not to worry, My Pet Warehouse will have the answer— and even if they’re unsure, they’ll stop at nothing to find it for you.

The ground-level store is accessible via Everage Street and is open from 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Wednesday, 9 am to 7 pm on Thursdays and Fridays, 9 am to 5 pm on Saturdays, and 10 am to 5 pm on Sundays. The store is less than a minute’s walk from Moonee Ponds Junction, 100 metres from Moonee Ponds Train Station, and also has car parking available, making it an easy trip for all.

Between the convenient opening hours, location, and their option for click-and-collect pickup, it couldn’t be easier to find what you need in no time at My Pet Warehouse in Moonee Ponds! Check them out online for click and collect or visit them in-store in Moonee Ponds Central. 

 Spa Bark Dog Grooming & Doggie Day Care

A Moonee Ponds mainstay since 2004, Spa Bark Dog Grooming & Doggie Day Care is conveniently located close to the Moonee Ponds Train Station. This salon for dogs was established on the basis of ‘You go to the salon for a relaxing time and to have your hair done— why not the same for your dog?’ And we couldn’t love this concept more!

This popular dog day spa offers a range of packages to suit your pooch. When you check in you’ll be greeted by a qualified groomer who will discuss the type of grooming you’re after. The services available at Spa Bark include:

  •     The Works (a full body clip, bath, blow-dry, hygiene area trim, nail trim, and ear clean) starting from $75 for small dogs, $85 for medium to large dogs, and POA for larger dogs
  •     The Basic Bath and Tidy (bath and blow-dry, face, feet, belly, nails, and bottom trim, and ear clean) starts from $65 for small dogs, $85 for medium dogs, and POA for larger dogs
  •     The Puppy Package (bath, introduction to clippers, gentle warm blow-dry, brush out, nail trim, ear clean, and face, feet, belly, and bottom trim) starts from $45 for small puppies and $75 for medium puppies

Not content with just amazing spa services, Spa Bark is the dog groomer with it all. Owner Lynda King followed her dreams and, rather than taking a well-deserved break after retiring from the corporate world, decided to act upon her passion for pets and open this doggy salon that now offers doggy daycare as well as grooming.

Everything the team at Spa Bark does is not only for the dog themselves but also for the dog’s owner. As much as we love our furry friends and wish we could bring them everywhere, sometimes it’s just not possible. But thanks to Spa Bark, you can now drop your dog off with a team of fully-fledged dog lovers who will spoil your pooch for you while you can’t! With their doggy daycare services, you can get your to-do list checked off, knowing your furry best friend is having the time of their life. At the end of the day, you’ll get a happy dog tired out from being spoilt all day, and as dog lovers, what more could we possibly ask for?

Spa Bark is surrounded by ample on and off-street parking, as well as being easily accessible from public transport. You’ll find them on Hall Street, with the entrance located on Margaret Street.

Why Do Dogs Need Grooming, Anyway?

Dogs need to be groomed regularly for more reasons than just aesthetics! While grooming does help them to look their best, regardless of their breed, size, or coat length, a good groom will also do wonders for your dog’s health.

Simply brushing your dog’s coat will help it to grow healthy and strong, as it takes away old and damaged hair. It also cuts down on grease in their coat, which is important as grease build-up can lead to skin irritation and a range of skin conditions.

Having a professional dog groomer groom your dog will handle these issues and more. Regular professional grooming will help prevent your dog’s coat from matting, remove dead hair, dandruff, and dirt, and distribute natural oils. Professional dog groomers are also able to detect abnormalities such as any lumps on your dog’s skin, which can help in detecting further health issues.

As well as keeping their coat clean and healthy, dog grooming often includes nail clipping and cleaning of hygiene areas. Dogs with long nails can get their nails caught on carpet or furniture, which can then tear their nail off, resulting in injury. Plus, having long nails makes it more difficult for dogs to walk around easily, and as we all know, dogs love a W-A-L-K!

As for hygiene areas, these are sometimes called sanitary trims, and they keep hair around their rear ends free of tangles and mats. If hair is left in this condition, it can trap urine, faeces, bacteria, and odours, which is unpleasant for everybody involved— especially your dog. It’s important to keep up with regular grooming to prevent irritation and infection, as well as keeping them looking as beautiful as possible. 

Ready To Pamper Your Pooch?

Whether your pup needs a trim and tidy, a day of socialising at doggy daycare, or if you want to give your dog the full-on spa treatment, Moonee Ponds is the place to do it. There are options for dog groomers and barbers as well as puppy care and dog sitters, so dog lovers have their every need covered. For amazing pet care this side of Melbourne, you’ll find it all in Moonee Ponds.