Are you ready to get in shape? There’s no better time to decide than now so while you still can, start your fitness goal by taking advantage of the weather. Get outside, enjoy the sunshine, and get moving!
Here are some tips to getting fit and staying healthy in Moonee Ponds:
• We all know that getting yourself in shape is not a walk in the park. Although literally speaking, taking a walk in the park is one of the best ways to start. Parks in Moonee Ponds are perfect locations for walking, a light jog, and just getting in touch with nature. Rushing is not the answer so take it slow and include this in your exercise plan as part of your warm-up before a good day’s workout.

• Moonee Ponds has an impressive number of gyms that house excellent fitness trainers. Hitting the gym can offer you more possibilities to reach your goal and more options for staying fit. With the help of professionals, you’ll be able to try various exercises and start focusing on the ones that can benefit you the most.
Here are some of the gyms in Moonee Ponds that you can visit and do you workout routines:
1. Hydra Movement

2. Collective Fitness
3. Sassi Fit 
4. Liberty Fitness Personal Training 
5. CarloVFitness Personal Training Studio
6. Anytime Fitness 
7. Listen To Your Body 
8. BFT Essendon 

Don’t forget to start stretching more and meditate. Stretching is one of the best ways to help with your blood circulation and flexibility whilst reducing your risk for injury. You can focus on stretches that correlates to your fitness program.
Meditation can significantly reduce stress levels in connection to the pressure we sometimes feel to getting in shape. It also helps us focus, increase our self-awareness and becoming more patient and tolerant.
If you’re unsure, join a yoga, pilates or health & fitness studio in Moonee Ponds that can assist in helping you reach your goal to getting fit:
1. Aligned for Life Pilates 
2. Yoga Flame 
3. Slow lane Yoga 
4. Kinetic Physio & Pilates 
5. Body and Brain Centre 
6. Moonee Ponds Mind Body Health Centre 

These businesses in Moonee Ponds are more than ready to give you the needed support for you to reach your goal. So don’t delay and start planning your goal to getting fit and staying in shape this year!