FOR ME Injectables Moonee Ponds

Imagine yourself stepping through the doors of “For Me,” a haven where self-care and personalised attention go hand in hand. The warm smile of Laura, a registered nurse with over a decade of experience, instantly puts you at ease. Here, she’s not just an injector; she’s a trusted confidante, ready to guide you on your aesthetic journey.

Today, Laura stands at the helm of “For Me,” a clinic that reflects her core values. Her dedication to patient care began in the demanding world of surgical nursing, where she honed her clinical skills and developed a deep-seated understanding of safety and meticulous practice. But her desire to empower individuals transcended the purely clinical. She craved a space where she could help people not just heal physically but flourish in their own skin. This passion led her to create “For Me,” where her medical expertise translates into personalised injectable solutions.

The philosophy at “For Me” is simple yet profound: to enhance, not alter.

Whether you seek subtle rejuvenation or a touch of definition, Laura’s artistry shines through. Her hands, guided by years of experience and a keen eye for detail, administer safe and effective treatments that seamlessly blend with your unique features.

The results? Natural-looking enhancements that radiate confidence and leave you feeling like the best version of yourself!