The end of summer mostly brings along a tinge of melancholy but then, as the season goes into transition, there is always something to look forward to when we tend to think of what we enjoy doing in that particular season. Sure, we’ll be missing the sunshine but there’s no denying the excitement of that cool, cosy moments that autumn brings, together with the busy days ahead as we do some wardrobe shifting.
After all the changes that has happened the previous year, we can no longer depend on runway shows to keep up with the fashion trends. Therefore, here’s a bit of a roundup on some autumn outfits that should help us get all warm, cosy, yet still trendy as we prepare for the colder winter months.
• Soft and Comfy loungewear

Nightwear, PJ’s, jammies, lounging robe; whatever you want to call them, they all have one thing in common and that is total comfort. And did you notice how they have become such a hit when everyone had to stay in their homes during the pandemic? Since we’re still in the stage of social distancing and others still prefer to stay home most times, the cosiest and most comfy loungewear are still a must.
You’ll always have Peter Alexander Sleepwear down Homer Street, Moonee Ponds to find the coolest loungewear to keep yourselves warm and cosy at home.

• Knitwear, Sweaters, Jumpers and Cardigans
These are essentially functional items that need to be in your closet as we approach the cooler season. Pairing them with leather jackets, sneakers or knee-length boots and you’re all set! You can’t go without some long-sleeved dresses in autumn as well. A stretchy dress with fun prints can make a gloomy day a wee bit brighter.
Here are just a few of these fashion boutiques in Moonee Ponds where you can find all your essential autumn outfits to add to your trendy wardrobe:
1. Tabitha
2. Lavish Collections
3. Suzanne Grae
4. 8 Apparel
5. Florentine Boutique
6. W-Lane
7. Blue Illusion
8. Witchery
9. Sportscraft

• Autumn/Winter Essentials for Men
If you’re into streetwear, some sweats, or joggers and low-top sneakers shall do the trick. A hoodie (a lighter one and with fleece) is surely a must on your autumn and winter wardrobe.
And nothing can beat a comfortable parka to keep you dry while spending time outside on chilly days. There are times that you opt for something more formal than a parka so a tailor-made, wool overcoat is the best choice.
Dark-coloured jeans are fundamental in any wardrobe and they can be quite handy during autumn and winter. And they can be suitably matched with any knitwear or jackets.
Moonee Ponds have plenty of amazing clothing shops for men that have items for all sorts of fashion preferences. Here are a few that you can visit:

1. Designer Mens Clothing (DMC)
2. David Marcs
3. Easy Clothing

Whatever you choose to wear during the cooler months ahead, that is all up to you. You’re always in control of things that makes you feel more comfortable. Your unique fashion sense is what makes the season a bit more exciting, impressive, and a whole lot fun!