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Australian Hearing

Australian Hearing’s national network of hearing centres includes more than 110 permanently staffed venues, and we visit more than 330 other locations in urban, rural and remote areas of Australia.

Australian Hearing’s services include:
•assessing hearing
•selecting and fitting hearing devices
•regular hearing checks to monitor changes
•training to improve listening and communication
•providing counselling and rehabilitative programs
•ongoing care and device repair services
•home visits for those unable to travel to a clinic
•helping to manage hearing loss on a day-to-day basis

Many of our audiologists specialise in fields of service delivery. These include paediatric, adults with complex rehabilitation needs and outreach services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients.

We make regular visits to more than 220 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in all parts of the country. In those communities we offer:
•Support to schools where many children have hearing problems
•Hearing health meetings with community members
•Hearing health training for healthcare workers.
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